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If time and money were synonymous you'd be able to bank your timesheets.

In reality the route from timesheet to invoice is much more complex - and the route from timesheet to profit and loss account is frought with hazard.

Any business needs to know precisely how it's time is translating into money: from day to day, accounting period to accounting period, Job to Job, Customer to Customer.

How are we doing? is the Job profitable or not? are we ahead of the game, or running up unrecoverable Job Costs? Our work in progress figures look substantial - but do they represent real money?

The time® Time & Billing Solution simplifies the timesheet entry and Job Costing process and provides the reporting power to answer the most complex management question by combining the Timesheet capture and control facilities of the Time Recording Solution with end user expenses entry, powerful Billing, increased Reporting power and financials integration.

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